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Issi Cloud


Issi Cloud





Cutie Mark

A hammer and chisel crossed over a cloud


Issi "Sigg" Cloud is a shy and lazy, but smart and kind pony. He is very dedicated to his work, and can often be seen working on a project in the early morning hours to "just get it done and out of the way". He always manages to find a way to make him self busy, whether it is doing his work, chores, or something with his friends (whom most of which are in Cloudsdale). He is very timid at first to make friends and talk to people, yet once he does he warms up really fast and becomes very friendly. He tends to think things over for a long time, and often over think thing, causing him to talk to himself when in a thought process or begin to trail off when talking to someone . He confuses himself within his own train of thought every once and a while. He is often ignorant of his flaws and oblivious to how other people feel unless it is blatantly obvious (this is mostly because he is thinking all the time). Issi is a very kind pegasus, who loves to do pretty much anything with his friends and will defend his friends anytime, unless what they did or said was blatantly wrong.


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Other Info

Likes: Winter, cold, dark places (bright things hurt his eyes after looking at designs and calculations for hours), math, sciences, (oddly enough) speed and going fast, general analysis of things, snow, truths

Dislikes: high temperatures, bright things (on most occasions), anything that breaks his train of thought, anything that breaks his daily routines (he's a bit ocd...), written language (he just doesn't get it sometimes....), lies, magic (it just doesn't make sense to him how it works...)