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Ivory Herd, or just simply known as Ivory, is a group of mischievous characters that cause havoc where ever they wonder. Ivory was formed by a group of individuals cursed to transform into monsters by their master. However Ivory explained over time to include many different species, not all cursed. The group was named after the white pelt of their Dominant Female. Also known as Ivory Clan, or Ivory Team, IvoryClan or Ivory Mob, depending on where they are currently located, most often just referred to as Ivory. This group is very large containing many members across the universe on other planets, however for My Little Pony fan-fiction, this page will only include characters related to the series. The main cast of characters however have formed a strong bond and live an almost animal like hierarchy. Anyone can join most often people join after meeting one of the high ranking members. Ivory is not only for My Little Pony purposes and came into existents several years ago however wasn't named until Ebony was formed. Ivory are led by an alpha pair rather than one leader, the most important members to know are the dominant pair Aniju and Dante.   


The group is led by a dominant female and a dominant male however, one of these two is considered the main leader and is called the alpha, that being Aniju. Still both lead Ivory and sometimes the group is splint in two lead by one of the dominants for missions. The dominant pair assert their status in many ways, through scent markings, contain calls, and body gestures such as chinning (when a dominant rubs their chin and neck on someone), or by an intimidating stare. Other members portray these acts as well but remain submissive to the dominants.

Ivory Members

A list of Ivory members.

Aniju Aura - Alpha and Dominant Female

Dante Royal - Dominant Male

Ernesto Swift 

Ivory Ponies

Slasho, Davey, Dante, Aniju, Jasper, Sid Vicious and Treva

Jasper JaXX

Slasho Saber

Treva Vellmark

Sid Vicious JaXX

Kodiak Flasheart

Nabby Hoodwink

Shiraz Mohandas 

Ivory Elements

With the Elements of Harmony

Merlot Mohandas

Rith The Awakener

Crosis The Purger

Daisy Button

Double Helix

Kazmo Galaxy

Nebula Cloud


Moon Dog

Sun Dog


Artemis Meerdog

Jet Black

Black Cherry

Lovaas In Viing

Ziggy Quagga

June Gloom

Tumble Step



Snap Shot

Camellia Black

Monkulus Phantom

Olly Mc'PeaceGlare

Rancid Milk

Rotten Peach Celipscra






Melbourne Shuffle


Rivals and Relations

Ivory is generally neutral toward other groups, and most often keep themselves a secret, simply by not acting like the other groups. Ivory's main enemy is the DeathTone Organization. All other groups Ivory veiws are indifferent and more accepting. Ivory's other rivals are Ebony Team, Blue Team, Crimson Team and Yellow Team.