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Abandoned as a child by her emotionally distant and unloving father shortly after the death of her mother. From a combination of raising herself along the edge of the forest, and stealing to get what she wanted; she grew into the Mare she is today. When grown, she ventured out of the forest, became a lying, stealing, and fairly convincing con-artist. Selling her wares from town to town, often taking someponies possessions and trading them back to them. She’s only interested in furthering her own comfort, no matter who has to be harmed for it. All the years on her own, raising her plants and learning to manipulate nature in the way Pegasi usually do, helped her to communicate with plant-life in her own weird way.


Pelt Color: Brown Mane/Tail Color and Style: Forest Green, Shaggy

Eye Color: Indigo

Cutie Mark: Leaf

Physique: Fit Current Residence: A hollow tree on the edge of the Everfree Forest

Job: Traveling Merchant

Mother: /unknown/

Father: Green Stick, Unicorn, Estranged

-Personality Stuff- Likes: Plants, Thieving, Earning Money, Gliding

Dislikes: Others standing in her way, Caffeine, Unicorns (Generally), Getting caught

Motivation: To increase her standing in society, earn more money that she can count, and cheat as many ponies out of their bits as she can.

Strengths: Cunning, Crafty, Base communication with plant-life

Weaknesses/Flaws: Quick to anger, Slow flier, Bad at talking to others about anything but business.

Fears: Intimidating male Unicorns (instilled from her father), Being caught in a lie, Misplacing her things