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Jade Shine Sparkle

Happy Jade

Jade Shine Unicorn
Jade Before Becoming An Alicorn

Kind Alicorn
Unicorn (Formally)
Sex Female
Occupation Princess
Part-Time Guard
Eyes Purple
Mane Navy with Blue and Pink Highlights
Coat Yellowish Orange
Nicknames Jade
Relatives Twilight Sparkle (Mother)
Flash Sentry (Father)
Star Catcher Sparkle (Sister)
Voice Anna Kendrick

Jade Shine Sparkle or Jade is the daughter of Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle. She has a sister named Star Catcher.


Jade Shine is an alicorn (former unicorn) who always stays on task, unlike her twin sister. Jade is the more noticed of the mares, leaving Star slightly jealous, but in the end, the sister bond still rises. She was constantly praised by Flash and Twilight up to the point of growing into alicornhood after she learned about the bond between families no matter how different each member is. Jade currently rules the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom.


Jade is often the more well-behaved, serious, and sticks to her responsibilities, unlike Star Catcher. She takes much of her personality from her mother, from the liking of studying and reading to hating being called princess.


Star Catcher Sparkle[]

Star is Jade's twin sister, and together they have each other's backs. Star can often be jealous of Jade due to the praise she gets from her parents, but overall they get along well.

Arctic Crafter[]

Jade crushes hard on this stallion she met at the Friendship Rainbow Kingdom guard training place. Jade got paired up as Arctic's guard mentor and they got into many awkward situations for months until Arctic asked Jade out for some sundaes at Sugar Cube Corner. After years of dating, they wed and had a foal named Dusky Twister Sparkle, inspired by Rainbow Dash, who was one of Jade's favorite Elements of Harmony.


  • A wide variety of spells


  • She was my first official shipping foal.