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James Steel
James in Ponyville
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Guitarist,


Eyes Dark Blue
Mane Gray
Coat Brown
Cutie mark
Acoustic Guitar
Owner User:Mynameistheodore83

"Thanks, man, I appreciate it a lot."

               - James upon meeting Cloud Strider


James Steel is a brown unicorn with blue eyes and a gray mane.  He is the backup guitarist and vocalist of Roots of Legend.  He represents the rock element of control.


James was the mistake of a poor unicorn couple who didn't want a child.  They sent him to the Canterlot orphanage, where he stayed until old enough to get a job and live by himself.  However, he did not hold the job for long and was fired.  He resorted to playing guitar by the Canterlot train station in order to support himself.  One day when he was doing this a pegasus named Cloud Strider got off the train and stopped to hear him play.  He then threw a generous amount of bits into the guitar case, which got his attention.  He asked if James wanted to be the guitarist in their band.  James said he would love to be in a band, but he couldn't be the main guitarist.  He didn't believe he had the talent or charisma in order to be lead guitar.  He went along with them, however, because he was promised that they find a guitar player.  James found he had the rock element of control because of his declining of the lead guitar position and his grounding style of playing.

Music Interests[]

James is a fan of any song with a solid groove, mainly classic rock.  If Equestria's music was similar to Earth's, he would be a fan of The Black Keys, Bob Seger, and Aerosmith.


Steel is the material used to make electric guitar strings.