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Jay Bear





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Dog with two pencils


Jay is a tan-colored earth pony with brown mane and tail and beige hooves. A well worn-briefcase is his constant companion, and he usually looks a little tired. He practices law in his hometown of Ponyville, mainly helping other ponies work through disputes and reach compromises. His cutie mark represents his loyalty, the dogged pursuit of justice, and the fact that he has to write a lot.


Jay Bear is a lawyer and native of Ponyville. Jay's father was a retired Royal Guard from Canterlot, and it was expected that Jay would also grow up to be a defender of some sort. However, Jay found he could use his words and arguments to defend other ponies, and when his cutie mark emerged with a guard dog holding pencils rather than armor, it was clear he would be a lawyer.

As a colt, Jay studied hard, and soon was applying to the top law school in Canterlot. However, he was rejected, and instead went to Fillydelphia to study. When he graduated, he got a job as a public defender, representing ponies who were accused of breaking the law. He was dedicated to his work, and was one of the most focused public defenders in Fillydelphia, but soon found he had bitten off more than he could chew and became stressed out. Exhausted, Jay quit and returned to Ponyville to set up his own practice. Now he mostly helps ponies resolve property dispute or write up contracts. His work-a-holic tendencies are starting to return, though, as he's started writing a weekly column about law in the Equestria Daily.

Other Info[]

I'm actually not sure what law would look like in a magical land of ponies ruled by a princess who literally raises the sun every morning, but after seeing paparazzi ponies in Green Isn't Your Color, I feel comfortable saying there's going to be lawyer ponies too.