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Jazz is an Earth Pony who was born in Fillydelphia. He is a dark green pony with a deep brown mane and green/brown eyes. He is currently residing in Ponyville, and is well known for his laid-back manner and willingness to try anything and help anyone. Jazz is a multi-instrumentalist, but specialises in the trumpet. He is often found in the company of Blues, another of Ponyville's well known musicians. Contrary to his name, Jazz's musical tastes are fairly eclectic, covering dance, electronica, pop, rock, alternative, fusion and of course, jazz.


Jazz was born in Fillydelphia to a pair of travelling musicians. From a very young age, Jazz travelled around Equestria with his parents, and was exposed to many different kinds of music and instruments. When his parents retired to Fillydelphia, he continued to travel as a famed young soloist, staying for a while in each town to jam with local musicians. He has been in Ponyville for almost a year, and shows no sign of leaving any time soon.

Other Info

Jazz and Blues have become very close friends and can often be found performing in the Ponyville square surrounded by a crowd of listening ponies, or in Blues' house jamming or composing music. They are currently in talks with a record company to produce an album, which if released could catapult the pair into stardom.

Likes: Food, Music, Good Company

Dislikes: Rain, Fungi, Composer's Block

A full-size picture of Jazz can be found here.

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