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Jessie Jam
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Male
Occupation Bassist for Viver
Relatives Blues Jam
Cutie mark
Bass Chef
Owner Heavymetalbronie

Jessie Jam is a gray and Black maned Earth Pony and the bass player for the band Viver.


Jessie is a grey Earth Pony with dark grey hair and brown eyes. He usually wears a black and blue sweather and a hat. Jessie is a faithful friend and is very appoachable, however he likes to playfully pick on his younger brother Blues Jam a little. Jessie is deathly afraid of James InfaRed.

Jessie has a rag doll cat named Momo.

Trading Card Caption[]

"This crazy stallion can't stop going crazy to the beat of his own drum, well bass! Jessie Jam is the no. 1 supporter of keeping everything as positive as possible in this group of friends. If there is a pony feeling sad or depressed, this fun stallion knows how to show him or her the way to feel like they are the best, even if it means forgetting that you already ate what you are looking for."


Ever since he was litte Jessie always got along well with his younger brother Blues Jam, however like any good older sibling, he did enjoy picking on him.


Blues Jam - Blues Jam is Jessie's brother and one of his best friends.

Ruby Rocks - 

Momo - Jessie's pet cat that is sometimes smarter than he is


Pictures of Jessie.


Blues Jam