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Jigsaw Free Drawn


Jigsaw was born in Horsetralia, He lived with his Parents and sister for a good 16 before he left to live in ponyville. While he was living in Horsetralia however is how he got his cutie mark. In grade one when he just started out he was given puzzles to try out and he ended up completeing an 1000 piece puzzle all by himself.


Jigsaw is a very laid back pony, When he gets involved in an arguement he states his opinion, right or wrong and will then just go with the flow of the fight. Even though he is laid back He is very Honest just like his Cousin, Applejack and will do anything to make sure the truth is told. Other Info Likes: Music, Puzzles, His sunglasses, Blue, His Best Friends

Dislikes: Griffons, Parasprites, Scenery puzzles