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Johnathan M

"Hello Mister/Miss I'm Johnathan M. Washington but you may call me John what is yours? is I may ask politely" - John's Polite greeting.

Status in Equestria:[]

Full Name: Johnathan Mason Washington.

Sex: Colt.

Kind: Unicorn

Age: 12

Family: Nopony just a clone of Johnny.

Relationship/s: -------

Relative/s: ------

Occupation: Being a fancy student and Stupid :P.

Birth Place: No where just a clone of Johnny.

Birth Date: Well he has a birth date tho 12/7/90 December 7, 2090.

Hometown: Ponyville.

Death location: -------

Years Lived: 1 year 2 months 12 days 19 hours.

Friends (OC and not): Jackhammer Nach-dust, Johnny M. Washington, Macpie Chocolate Chips, Lucas Lurkson, Dark Descent.