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Jukebox James


Jukebox James With Official Cutie Mark No Glasses
Element Of Forgiveness
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Stallion
Occupation Delivery Colt, Musician, Rapper, Song Writer
Eyes Brown
Mane Black Liberty Spikes (Ponyvile), Small Afro (Mirror World), Blue and White (Ice Transformation), Yellow (Sun/Solar Transformation)
Coat Brown
Nicknames Double J, JJ, Beatzilla, Jukebox
Relatives Alexis Blade - Sister

Emerald Storm - Brother Kaitlin Natasha - Mother Travis Jewel - Father Sonata Dusk - Wife Alexis Blade Jr. - Daughter

Cutie mark
New Cutie Mark (Element Of Forgiveness)
Voice Jason Pleasant (Jazzymac)
Owner Jason Pleasant

A unique pony unlike any other. Due to the fact that he loves music as much as Vinyl Scratch, he's also considered a party pony just like Pinkie Pie. He's also called "Double J" for extra musical zing. Living on his own in ponyville away from his parents, he became homeless. No food, no shelter but has a ton of money. He's a talented singer, dancer, rapper, guitarist, and amateur DJ. He spends some of his time as a deliver pony delivering food or new appliances for the pony folk but most of the time, He hangs out with his friends The Dazzlings (reformed) to work on music or get an inspiration. He also represents the element of forgiveness even though he has a musical note for his cutie mark and is the only pony that's "Half-Spider". He also has a special watch that can do just about anything. Invisibility, phone calls, scanning, compass, anything he can think of.


He can be a lot of fun most of the time. He's energetic, helpful, caring, loving, sometimes impatient, sometimes hot tempered (never vengeful), a little jumpy, protective, hard working and very sensitive.

Special Powers[]

  • Spider Powers (Spider-Man)
  • Super Speed (Flash)
  • Ice Power (Learned from Danny Phantom)
  • Solar Power/Sun Power (Learned from Princess Celestia)
  • Magic (Learned from Twilight Sparkle)
  • Pixie Dust Flight (Given to him from Tinker Bell)
  • Healing Magic (Learned from Twilight Sparkle, Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Marvel's Wolverine)

Favorite Quotes[]

  • (To Adagio Dazzle) Hey no hit wonder! Mind if I jam with the band?
  • I think it's time to show the wonderbolts what the amazing Rainbow Dash can REALLY DO!
  • Oh boy this is not going to end well
  • You gotta be kidding