Juliette is a female alicorn pony who resides in cloudsdale


When King Sombra invaded cloudsdale,He proclaimed that the most beautiful of its mares would be his bride. All hooves pointed to Juliette a young female alicorn who bowed her head in sorrow. Juliettes boyfriend Prince Solaris,begged the King to choose any of the other mares but he decreed that if Juliette wasent his bride he would destroy Cloudsdale. Upon hearing the news,Rainbow Dash flew up to C.loudsdale and found Solaris who begged for her help to save his Juliette. Meanwhile,Juliette was sadly preparing for her forced marrage to King Sombra. Her wedding gown was of highest quality and her veil was made with the rarest white flowers.As she walked down the asile,Rainbow Dash was laying in wait for she had a carfully layed out plan. At her signal,The Mane Six crashed the wedding and challenged King Sombra then Using the Elements Of Harmony,The Mane Six defeated king sombra. Juliette ran to her Solaris happily and not long after he and Juliette were married in an elegant cerimony in which The Mane Six happily attended.

The Bride Of Sombra

Juliette was chosen by King Sombra to be his bride. Her wedding dress was high quality and her veil was crowned with rare white flowers. Before the wedding,she sait in her dressing room and cried knowing she was going to be married to a tirant to save Cloudsdale. As she walked do

Bride of Sombra

The Bride Of Sombra

wn the asile she looked down in sorrow knowing that this was it. During the ceremony however. The Mane Six challenged Sombra and defeated him using the Elements Of Harmony saving Juliette and allowing her to marry her boyfriend Prince Solaris.

Juliette marrys Solaris

Not long after she was saved from a forced marriage. Juliette married her sweetheart Prince Solaris who is the son of celestia and a unknown male alicorn. The Mane Six watched proudly knowing their efforts had been rewarded.
Happy Couple

Prince Solaris and Princess Juliette

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