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Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

Uppercase Lambda


Katniss (or Kat, either one) is an easy-going pony who likes music. Kat isn't very social, but isn't afraid to go out with friends. She feels that people don't listen to her, so she expresses her thoughts and creativity in song.

Kat doesn't have very much of a social life, but whenever Pinkie Pie invites her to a party, she isn't afraid to go. All the ponies at the parties say she's the life of the party, but she just denies it, unless her music is playing.

Katniss doesn't identify herself with any sexuality, since she doesn't believe titles (such as: Gay, straight, blank-flank, fail tail) have any effect on personal performance. She has had a boyfriend when she considered herself straight, and a girlfriend after she got rid of titles.

Katniss is friends with Fluttershy, DJ-PON3 and Derpy Hooves/Ditzy Doo. She lives with her sister, Skylight.


A year before arriving in Ponyville, she had run away from her father who abused her after nights of heavy drinking. She took her sister Skylight with her, and they now live happily in a little house near the center of town.

Kat's cutie mark is an upercase lamdba. Normally, a filly gets a cutie mark from finding their talents, but Kat and her parents came from a far away country where cutie marks represent ones personality, not talent. An uppercase lambda is the symbol that the warriors from the land known as Sparta, which existed during the time of humans. Sparta was a brutal country, but that is not what kat's cutie mark represents. Sparta was a country known for it's fighting rather than it's beauty. This goes for Kat as well, since she would rather be known for what she does than what she looks like. Sparta's military was also very strong, and famed for it's battle of the 300, which 300 spartans held up against a whole army of Persians. This also represets Kat's personality. She will not be likely to go out without a fight, an although she may lose, she won't be afraid to stand for what she believes.

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