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Gressmanian flag 1809

Gressmany is a nation laying north and borders to the Crystal empire. But even that Gressmany has not good relasion with Crytstal or Euqestria. Gressmany was founded in their time year 934 with the crowing of the Odin Zuchen (Chosen by god) Freehart who was incredably accsuly a Equestrian orgin but plunched hes life into the so called Barbaric ways. Gressmany is a monarch rulled nation but almost changed a few times. Gressmany is a militarty strong and has a clean army due to their useage of steam insted of ponypower or gas.

The Army (new Wehrmacht)

The New Wehrmacht created in 1941 to a rearming program that changed almost the hole army and led to the Imperial Gressmanian Armee to be a Elite home front unit insted of the front line unit. (more info look up the new Wehrmacht Wiki)

The Empire

Gressmany is a Empire and own lands in the Giffin Kingdoms Zebria and sevral other places but one they always wanted to take is the Crystal Empire and Equestria. Most arnt hostile towards the nation due to the Kingdom has some of the highest living right in the world. Also the medical system is good due to Gressmanian laws all citizens has the right to free hospital care includes medicines,food and limited TV. Gressmany also has a clean industry due to the steam Engiens that came in late 18th early 19th made the nation to almost run on steam and 85% of the power is from the streams of Northem Gressmany due to the rivers they can produse more power for very little of runing the nations nature that most of its Citizens adores.