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Hi I'm Konics. Though a long series of events (of which I don't feel like explaining) I ended up in Equestria. Now I'm wandering around Ponyville to see what the world is like.

Epic Fails

I decided to have some fun so I opened a rift and brought a single Heartless to Equestria. Honestly not my best idea. After it caused some havoc I finally caught up to it and sent it back.


considered a fail


  • Has two different shades of red fur and a blue mane(again two shades)
  • Has wings but would not be considered a fast flyer
  • Never travels around without his Hat, Vest, and Dagger.(You obviously can't see the Dagger)
  • Loves opening rifts between dimensions(Cutie mark) though this usually causes a series of unfortunate events

Check out the journal/blog:)



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