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Kseniya Vechodtseva

Ксения Вечодцева

Kind Human
Sex Female
Occupation Politician
Eyes Black
Nicknames Princess Vechodtseva (accidentally)
Master Vechodtseva
Cutie mark
Communist Hammer and Sickle
Communist Logo

Lieutenant General Kseniya Yaroslavovna Vechodtseva (Russian: Ксения Ярославовна Вечодцева) is a 67 year-old high-ranking member of the Communist Party of Equestria, she is a female member of the party, but still works at her job regardless.


She was mistaken called "Princess Vechodtseva", but because the Communist Party of Equestria was rather a dictatorship rather than a monarchy, she's considered an Lieutenant General, but she does carry a gun with her at all times for protection, as she was assaulted many times before.

However, because she was carrying an obvious firearm, it made Princess Cadance rather suspicious, because she was basically armed.

She did serve in the Russian Army, and worked for the Communist Party herself, but she's rather controversial. But like all members of the Communist Party, she wears a traditional Soviet uniform, along with a Russian police cap.


She was born in Moscow, but she decided to skip school entirely, to focus her career to live warfare, but she managed to do quite well in the Russian army, and got promoted higher and higher, eventually becoming Lieutenant general herself, which allowed her to be elected by Vyacheslav Prygatsev entirely.

She did use various firearms, but always brings her pistol with her at all times.

Suspicion by Princess Cadance[]

Princess Cadance was rather suspicious because she was carrying a firearm, which can be totally illegal within Equestria, as that's possibly forbidden. However, she claims dual Equestrian and Russian citizenship, allowing her to do her business anyways by herself, but she didn't care about the firearm she was carrying anyway, even included in the photo!


She is quite good at self-defence, always carrying her firearm at all times, but she can be quite confident about her actions in Russia, but rarely smiles.


Princess Cadance[]

Unfortunately, Princess Cadance had been suspicious of her, because she was caught carrying a Makarov pistol into Equestria, the two haven't gotten along very well, because of the fact that she was carrying a firearm with her at all times. She was also a Soviet official, so that's questionable as well.

Vasily Bustoyan[]

She, and Vasily Bustoyan both work together in the Communist Party in general themselves.