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He's confident, brave and keen.

Lance Star
Lance star
Kind unicorn
Sex male
Occupation Mafia Crime Lords briber and Captain of the Princess Sea Demon
Eyes red
Mane blue secondary bright blue
Coat gray
Nicknames Lance, Glass heart
Relatives Son: Lance shadow

Wife: Crystal Ire Son’s Wife: Ruby arrow Granddaughters: Shadow Rose, Ghost rose and Shadowy Wife’s Sister: Scarlet Ire Mother: Neta Poppy (Deceased) Father: Ocean Crescent (Deceased) Sister: Gypsy Muffin (Lost at sea) Brother: Zephyr Aura (Deceased)

Cutie mark
two swords crossed
Owner Midnight Illusions

He was born and grew up in a small family in Baltimare bay, he lived out of trouble until he was about 8 years old, but at that point of his life changed.

He lost his family during a hurricane and was now alone and forgotten. He walked the port alone until he came across a pirate crew called the Raiders of the Fog and Sea they token him in and pointed Lance Captain of the Princess Sea Demon.

he is currently improving upon skills and talents. But with his fighting skills and skills, he managed to reach full potential and crush all that's gets in his way.

Lance returned to the port after 20 years but he was still plagued by the past, Lance met a suspicious mare who hind on the ship, Lance married the mare the next day he now works as a briber for the Mafia Crime Lords. By doing so, he hopes to forget about the past and finally find joys and comforts of life he has never had.

Princess Sea Demon Flag[]

The flag is made up of a large star in dark red and red. Their emblem consists of a crown on top of a skull with two crossed torches at the behind it. The emblem stands for their resilience, their victories and

their strength.