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Lapis Lazuli


Earth Pony



Cutie Mark:

A dark blue book




This is Lapis Lazuli, but he prefers to be called Coeus. He enjoys studying things and learning more about the world around him. He is alway accompanied by his assisant, Asteria .


Lapis was born to the Ore Family, a world reknown mining family, similar to the Apples. He grew up in Grass Valley, home to the largest mineral deposits in Equestria. Lapis was the middle child out of three. His older brother was Bronze, and his little brother was Zinc. Being a middle child, he didn't get much attention. He spent most of his time working the mines with his cousins, never really getting a chance to do the more important work deeper down. Then came the day he earned his Cutie Mark at the age of 13. He had taken a break from digging out copper deposits when he took a closer look at what he had spent most of his short life mining. Lapis studied the copper, and then he realized just looking and studying the rock was more fun than working all day in a dark hole. With that thought, a blue book appeared on his flank. His first thought was that he didn't belong in Grass Valley anymore. With the help of his uncle, Smelter, Lapis changed his destiny, and moved to Manehatten when he turned 16. There, he gave himself a new name, a unique and mysterious name. He became Coeus, Museum Clerk. But, he knew in his heart that was not where he belonged. He took to freelance reseach for the museum, and slowly drifted away from it all and relized his purpose in life. He was to learn everything he could about the world around him.

Other Info

Coeus currently works with Asteria on many different projects, and does detective work from time to time.

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