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FANMADE Lark normal style pony

Lark as she would appear on the show if she weren't an OC


Lark is Kalafyre Nay's OC. She made this pony inspired by Flutter-Bat. She is a purple bat pony. In 3D, she has dirty blonde and purple make and tail. Her eye is bat pony-like and purple. This image shows a right profile. In the show style, she has puple and blue mane, freckles and a blue normal eye.This is her left profile.

FANMADE Lark 3D pony

3D Lark


[show]==EGEdit== In equestria girls style, Lark has blue, dirty blonde and purple. her hair is short. She also has freckles and her eyes are blue and purple. As an anthro she has Bat ears, bat wings, fangs, and her short hair gets really long and is put in a ponytail.

RP Edit[]


Lark RP and EG

As a rainbow power pony, Lark has part of hey eye covered with her music skull mark. Here eyes are two diferent colors, and kind of derped up. Her cutie mark design is broken up in four to m

ake interesting shining in her eyes.

Relationships Edit[]

Twilight- Teacher.

Rainbow Dash- Her role model, BFF and her hero.

Scootaloo- Best Filly Friend, and at Canterlot high they hang out, too.

Naomi- They are friends, as seen in a picture of them by Kalafyre Nay.

Rosie Hearts- Naomi's girlfriend, and a good friend to Lark.

Princess Luna- They chat alot in Lark's dreams.

Derpy- BFF, and Lark also thinks it's awesome that Derpy travels in time and space with Doctor Whooves.

Doctor Whooves- Lark and Scootaloo started a fan club. They are Whovians.

Personality Edit[]

This vampire pony  loves fruit, so don't be fooled by red on her fangs. It is just juice. She is very gentle, kind, creative, good at gaming, loves music and loves skulls. Her Cutie Mark is double like the quill/sofa clerck's, but it has double images. A purple music note with a skull face which means she is a good singer and that she is deadly. Her other cutie mark piece is an old game controller and a magic paintbrush with black paint going over half, creating half old half Xbox 360 controller. 


Lark's Cutie Mark