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Lavan is a villain in the 1984 My Little Pony cartoon series, in the story arc The Quest of the Princess Ponies. A malevolent lava demon who kidnaps the Princess Ponies and steals their magic wands, since they contain all the magic in Ponyland. He tried to use them to transform himself into an all-powerful crystal being. At first it didn't work, instead upsetting the balance of Pony Land. He then kidnapped the six Princess Ponies (except Princess Tiffany who flew away) and ordered his minions to throw the Princess Ponies into a lava pit, but they escaped. Lavan began his crystal transformation but was informed by his henchman Sludge that they escaped. Lavan attacked him, and later found Spike, the Princess Ponies, and his enemy Gnash, and imprisoned them in the dungeon, from which they were released by Sludge, who was tired of Lavan's abuse. While Lavan's abuse of the wands began turning Pony Land to crystal, Lavan completed his crystal transformation. When the Princess Ponies found the wands, drained of power, Lavan attacked them, but they escaped after Princess Tiffany and Megan arrived. They found the Heart of Pony Land, which was used to recharge the wands, but Lavan attacked them. Sludge knocked him into the lava, from which he re-emerged only to be frozen by Gnash. By the time he broke free, the Princess Ponies had their wands back. Working together, they used their magic to send Lavan's rainbow beam back at him, destroying him.


Lavan's crystal form.

My Noble Steeds: Friendship is Might by User:Otherside86[]

Kind Lava Demon
Sex Male
Occupation Ruler of the Lava Demons
Magic aura Light Brilliant Vermilion
Voice Brian Dobson
Owner User:Otherside86

Lavan is the leader of the Lava Demons, and one of the main antagonists of the My Noble Steeds: Friendship is Might season finale, along with his arch-enemy of Bliz-Zaurd, leader of the Ice Orcs.


A long time ago, Equestria became the battlefield for the private war between Lavan and his Lava Demons, and Bliz-Zaurd and his Ice Orcs. The two leaders have been mortal enemies for ages. Their war has caused so much destruction to the land, both the leaders and the armies were locked away, so they can do no more harm.

In the present, both armies are free, and are preparing to continue their little war.