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Lavender Amethyst

Lavender Amethyst

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Professional Photographer
Voice User:MysteriosoPony
Owner User:MysteriosoPony

Lavender Lavender Amethyst is the twin sister of Digit Whizzhooves and a professional photographer in Ponyville.


Lavender is shy and reserved, largely as a result of her disturbed past. She is somewhat of a loner, but this is by choice, as Lavender is happiest without company. Though this side to her is seldom acknowledged, she is also very smart and academic. She planned to attend a good university and earn many qualifications when she was older, however, these plans were disrupted by her adoptive family.


Lavender has a cornflower-blue coat and a ginger-ish mane cropped into a bob.


Lavender was initially a florist, but she also did some gardening for other ponies. To earn a little extra money, she decided to take some artistic photos of the flowers in her garden and sell them as prints on the internet. These photos became surprisingly popular, so Lavender decided to make a living out of photography.


When they were fillies, Lavender and her twin, Digit Whizzhooves, had little time to themselves as they were constantly looking after their terminally ill parents up until their death. Lavender and Digit were adopted by two different families, however they met up and spoke to each other every night. Lavender was so terrified of her abusive family, that she lied to Digit and told them that they were really nice in fear that they may somehow find out what she said and punish her. This routine continued until one night, when Lavender's adopted father caught her returning home, and he beat her with a stick and banished her to her room for several weeks. When her bedroom door was finally unlocked, Lavender started taking on several part-time jobs (obviously without telling her adopted family) as a way to escape from home and earn some money. As soon as she had enough money, she bought a small house far away from her old one and ran away to live there. At first she lived in constant fear that her adopted parents would track her down, so, to unwind, she grew loads of beautiful flowers in her garden. Her garden became her biggest pleasure and escape from reality. She was worried she'd hurt her brother's feelings by becoming permanently absent from their nightly meetings, so she exiled herself from society for fear of hurting other ponies.