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Being a big big fan of pop, Lavender Melody wants to become an apprentice of Sapphire Shores.

Lavender Melody
Lavender Melody
Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female/mare
Occupation Singer
Eyes Light brilliant violet
Mane Light brilliant purple and Very light apple green
Coat Light brilliant violet
Nicknames Lav, Melody
Relatives Pending
Cutie mark
Two music notes Double music notes cutie mark
Voice her own
Owner User: Loripop20


A long time ago, lavender was a HUGE HUGE fan of pop so, when she first saw sapphire she absolutely adored her. she loved singing very very much so her parents found a place to make her dreams come true: sapphire's studio. all of a sudden she heard one of her FAVORITE songs and started singing along. the moment sapphire heard her voice, she decided to make her a backround singer in many of her songs, making Lavender a bit famous. 


She's shy and quiet (similar to fluttershy in a way), but when she feels a song coming on, she uses everything to show that shes not afraid to prove that she loves singing.

Cutie Mark History[]



Diamond Ring: When Diamond Ring was in Manehattan to model for an ad, she got lost and bumped into Lavender. She asked for directions on how to get to the place she was going to do the photo shoot and they miraculously became friends. Since then, they have k.i.t. (kept in touch).

Tess Opal-Quartz: Tess and Lavender met through Diamond. They became very good friends.

Sweetie Belle: When Lavender was strolling along in Ponyville, she passed by the, Cutie Mark Crusaders' hideout/clubhouse and heard the beautiful voice of Sweetie Belle. The monent she heard her she needed to know who the talented singer was. And when she saw it was Sweetie Belle, she immediately asked for her to be her own student.

Star catchers[]

Midnight Key: Since they both know Sapphire Shores, they became instant friends. But since she's also considered a "friend" to Diamond Ring, she doesn't talk to Midnight that much since Diamond is by her side 24/7. Though when Midnight got the chance, she asked if Lavender really liked Daimond as a friend and she said "No"

Sakura Akimoto: Lavender and Sakura got to know each other through Midnight.