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Lavender Shine





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A black furred pegasus pony with a long purple mane with matching tail and eye color~

Alright, so basically Lavender is a shy, fun, down to earth, and extremely bipolar pony. He's an aspiring actor in ponyville. He has problems when it comes to approaching other ponies. And unless he's on stage or with friends he's very quiet and reserved. However, while he's with his friends or on stage, he's loud, exciting, witty, and energetic . Has 1 really good friend named Cloud Top.


He's lived in ponyville his whole life. Became Friends with Cloud Top when they were both phillies.

Other Info[]

I don't appreciate somepony posting this without, you know, my permission. But whatever, It's no big deal. I got the name from the name generator a while back and I liked it~

I'm currently in the proccess of writing a story with Lavender and Cloud Top as the main characters. I know most ponies don't even look towards OC stories, but for any that do, it can be found on my Deviant~> It's called Everfree Adventure.