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Leaf Song
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female/Mare
Occupation Takes care of nature
Eyes Cyan
Mane Forest green with swamp green streaks
Coat White
Nicknames Leafy, Lea, Sonny
Relatives Has a little sister named Cloud Light and an older brother named Hurricane
Cutie mark
An emerald green leaf with tiny flower buds and mini red roses surrounding it
Voice Calm, gentle, soothing
Owner Fluttershy The Animal Loving Dreamer

 Leaf Song is a caring, calm, sensible Pegasus mare with a proud occupation for cuddling little critters and planting flowers and plants.



Leaf Song was originally born in Cloudsdale with an older brother named Hurricane and a mother named Winter and a father named Thundersky. Her name was suggested by her parents and brother, the 'Leaf' part coming from her light, gentle and calm body - like a leaf (as well as her mane colour) and the 'Song' part comes from the sound of her cute little yawn.


Leaf Song was overjoyed when she heard that her mother was expecting a new foal, and she did everything in her care to set up a good crib and bedroom for the new baby.

Soon the new foal was born, a young little filly, named Cloud Light. Leaf Song used to play with Cloud Light and read bedtime stories to her, and also teach her how to count to ten and taught her the alphabet.

However, Leaf Song did not want to be sent to Junior Speedsters Flight Camp. She wanted to stay home with her parents and little sister.

One day, when Cloud Light had grown up to the age of a filly, Leaf Song wanted to visit the forest in curiousity of what happens there, and she brought her sister along. That day, she earned her cutie mark - a beautiful emerald green leaf with tiny flower buds and mini red roses surrounding it.