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Lee Glo
The tail >.>
Kind Earth
Sex Stallion
Eyes Very light scarlet
Mane Light brilliant gold
Coat White
Nicknames Lee, Sweetie (Marigold)
Relatives Marigold (Marefriend)
Marilee (Daughter)
Cutie mark
Five pointed black star with three yellow stars
Voice Jonathan Groff
Owner User:Astralfleur

 Lee Glo resides in Ponyville, he came from Manehattan, but he lives with his sister.


Lee Glo is sometimes a coward. He is afraid of the dark, even soft things. Until he fell in love with Marigold, he is currently brave and strong, because he is trained by his loving marefriend, Marigold.

Lee doesn't like mares flirting with him, except for his marefriend. And doesn't like romantic advances, he wasn't playing hard to get after all.



Lee loves this mare and this mare knows he loves her too. At first, Marigold fall in love with him for the first time, and developing a crush on him. Marigold didn't flirt with him, but after days or weeks, she confessed and resulting a long silence. 

Lee says that, his silence tells a thousand words. After, Lee asks her out for a date.

Rainbow Dash[]

Rainbow Dash is Lee's best friend. They always hang out each other, although their species are different. They always, always visit their houses (Like, Rainbow Dash visits Lee's house and Lee visits Rainbow Dash in return.)


- He was made to be Marigold's coltfriend.

- He was going to named Lee Min Hoof, but the creator already did his creation, instead, she named it Lee Glo. 


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