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Lev Syakhnoy

Лев Сяхной

Kind Human
Sex Male
Occupation Politician
Eyes Black
Nicknames Deputy Syakhnoy
Cutie mark
Communist Hammer and Sickle
Communist Logo

Deputy Lev Timofeyevich Syakhnoy (Russian: Лев Тимофеевич Сяхной) is a 37-year old deputy for the Communist Party of Equestria, and he works with his friends as well, along with higher ranking members of the same party.


He wears a traditional uniform of a Soviet official, but he is actually a Russian Politician himself, there is a bit of history involved regarding his entire life, however, he does speak in a strong Russian accent as well.


He was born in Magadan, but later moved to Moscow with the intent of studying politics, and he was a well-known factually trained student, behaved quite well at school, and then focused towards law, getting a degree in law and politics, but he was bullied for his short stature.

Bullying didn't stop him, after his graduation, he was promoted to Colonel, and kept getting promoted higher and higher in the army, and eventually became Deputy of the Communist Party of Equestria. He was appointed into the communist party by Yakov Klekhnin, and this was a helpful fact, if he wanted to learn, if not realizing some knowledge he had learnt, regardless, and his personality is quite interesting anyway.


He is a kind man, making him a reliable politician, despite his short stature, (being 5'1"), he managed to become a true deputy, along with him carrying a pistol with him for security.

However, he never smiles at all, feeling shy all the time, although he works with his team-mates in the communist party himself.