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Levitas Aguila


Levitas Aguila





Cutie Mark

Ball Lightning with a Eagle Wing




Husband: Scutum
Eldest Daughter: Raven Flowers
Son: Northern Cross
Daughter: Southern Cross

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In her Racing Days

Levitas Aguila RD by SS

Racer Days


Levitas Aguila, Cyg's, Crux's and Raven's mother, who is a retired Racer after her husband pasted away sometime ago (will come to that bit), she use to be quite fast in her time, fast enough that static electricity would start to build up so when she skidded to land a giant bolt of Lightning would trail her.

She isn't native to the same place of Equestria as the rest of her family are from, hence her name (in Latin), she was widowed shortly after she gave birth to the twins when her husband went off to defend Raven Flowers after she got attacked, which he succeeded at the cost of his life.

Due to her time as a Racer, she is quite proud of herself and isn't keen on anyone besting her, or attempting to, she now spends most of her time looking after Raven.


Younger Life

When Levi was a filly she wasn't the racer material she is now, infact she was one of the slowest fliers in her class nor wanted to be a racer in the first place, she did want to be an artist dispite her lacking much talent in the subject, her classmates use to tease and pick on her alot due to her slow flying and her 'not-so-good' artwork.

One day she was tormented to the point of breaking into tears and just flew home as fast as she could, on the way she nearly got hit by a pack of Pegasi racing around her home town spinning her wildly out of control plummiting towards the ground, closing her eyes not wanting to see, suddenly she saved by one of the Racers, who turned out to be her Father who nearly broke his wings off trying to get to her, after seeing how fast he was, she wanted to follow in her Father's hoofsteps and become a Racer.

Racer Days

After years going by, she grew up to be one of the best Endurance Racers around, both quick and has the staying power, has won only twice during her time, once in the 20 Hr Whitetail Woods race and once in the 12 Hr Canterlot Marathon.

Her trademark landing after building up static over her body and causing Lightning to arc off her, hence her name in english Lightning Eagle.

She use to be quite Stubborn (still kinda is) after being teased when she was a filly due to being the slowest flyer, so will take up any challenge to prove herself and if she lost she would rechallenge again and again till they got tired and she finally won.

to be continued... at some point

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