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Liberty Swirl[]

Liberty Swirl

                   Oh no! Liberty's making the same mistake I did!
                   -Starlight Glimmer

Liberty Swirl is StatueOfLiberty 17:35, April 4, 2018 (UTC)'s OC. (FurbsFurbs's OC.) She lives in "Our Town". Her BFF is Starlight Glimmer. Starlight loves her, but Liberty is only Starlight's second best friend, because her BFF is Velvet Liberty. Like Starlight, Liberty has a passion for equality (or, she claims to!) and enjoys turning ponies' cutie marks into an =! She only does this in her evil mode. She has an evil side and a good side. In her evil side, her element is Dark Magic. (Her fake element in her evil mode is Equality.) In her good mode, her element is Fraternity. She can't do maths so she uses a calculator, but it is magic and if the answer to a sum comes out as an odd number, she goes to her evil mode. If the answer is even, she goes to her good mode. When she is in her evil mode and wants to equalise a pony, she flies round the pony and points the magic calculator at them, then she presses the = button and the pony gets equalised! But, unlike Starlight, Liberty Swirl does not actually make the ponies equal, she just hypnotises them, so they do whatever she wants them to do!


I made this. (Well I put the equality signs on but the logo is original.) It's kind of Liberty and Starlight's special version of the MLP logo.

Quotes from Good Liberty Swirl[]

"Hi, everypony!" "What in the hay?" "Ouch, that must have hurt!" "Where are you going?" "Starlight!" "I love you guys!" "Everypony is already equal, why would I need to make them any...err..."equal-er"?" "Sorry, Starlight!"

Quotes from Evil Liberty Swirl[]

"Now, let's teach you about EQUALITY!" "Oh, come on now, everypony!" "Everypony has to be EQUAL!!! "You WILL be equal!"