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Light Speed
Kind Hedgehog/Pegasus Hybrid
Sex Male
Occupation Racer
Eyes Light lime green
Mane Light brilliant colbalt blue
Coat Pale, light grayish cerulean

Very light gold

Nicknames Light Speed Blaze-Dash Hedgehog (legal name), Light, Speed
Relatives Sonja (older sister),

Blue Lightning (younger sister), Sonic the Hedgehog (father), Rainbow Dash (mother), Bernadette Hedgehog (grandmother), Jules Hedgehog (grandfather), Firefly (grandmother), Rainbow Blaze (grandfather), Dream Cloud (aunt), Manic (uncle), Sonia (aunt)

Cutie mark
Light Speed CM

A blue spindash-like circle with speed marks

Owner User:Clesta The Winged Wolf

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Light Speed is a hedgehog/pegasus hybrid that is the middle child and the second child of Sonic the Hedgehog and Rainbow Dash. He was born in Mobius and currently lives in Cloudsdale and Ponyville with his family. His older sister is Sonja while his younger sister is Blue Lightning. His love interest is Natures Chaos

Characteristics and Biography[]

Generic Info[]



Light Speed is usually a happy, yet serious. He is interesting is racing, which sometimes interacts with his daily activities, therefore making him impatient.