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You sure about that Lime

When Lime had short Hair, Ace suggested that she should grow it long.

Lime Lemon is a Lazy Stubborn Pegasus who lazies around all day, but there is mostly a Protective Side and will do anything for her friends. Lime is a Dj in training, her stage name is DJ Lym3 and works with Vinyl Scratch, she has a beautiful voice, but likes to keep it a secret she mostly hums through the day.


Lime's best friend is a young Alicorn named Ace, Ace is caring but firm, she is not afraid to speak her mind. she uses calm soothing words to make ponies cooperate, but when she has to use brute force she is not hesatant.

Autumn Sprinkles is another friend of Limes a bit more shy but is surprisingly strong, she is always getting into misadventures caused by Lime and Ace, She is mostly social around the ponies that she is famillar with.