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Loki Laufeyson
Kind Trickster/Unicorn
Sex Male(can turn into female)
Occupation Tricking and causing mischief
Eyes Light blue
Mane Black
Coat Light Green
Relatives Half-brother: Thor

Father: Fárbauti

Mother: Laufey

Cutie mark
Two snakes forming an "S"
Owner User: Brutalessin

"Haha, oh my sweet little Delta, you think you can stop me? A high and powerful Trickster? Well think again little pony." 

-Loki speaking to Delta during a battle.

Early Life[]

Loki was born from Fárbauti and Laufey. Loki is actually a jötunn  but was turned into a God by Odin. He was believed to be a God until his later years when he touched an artifact that belong to his people. In rage, he used his magical powers to raise terror on anyone he met. Eventually he stumbled upon Equestria, turning him into a pony.

About Loki[]

Loki is a jötunn, or Frost Giant. Odin found a baby Loki while he was attacking the village that Loki's family was at. Odin took Loki in as his own, which turned him into a God. 

When Loki discovered Equestria, it was by accident. He was trying to go to Earth to attack, but was instead magically sent to Equestria by a demon. At first he tried to get back, but he eventually found striking fear into ponies. 

In books it is known that Loki gave birth to to the eight-legged horse Sleipnir. Whether or not this happened in Equestria or not, is a mystery to this day.

(Note: This version of Loki is loosely based off the one in Thor and The Avenger movies. Mostly the appearance. If I have gotten something wrong, please tell me.) 
Loki's cutiemark

Loki's Cutiemark