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Lord Saiph
Lord Saiph
" the sky will bleed while the ground quakes with each hell born step I take"
Kind Demon Lord
Sex Saiph does not approve (male)
Occupation Slaying
Eyes evil
Mane red fire
Coat red as dawn
Nicknames Hell keeper, overlord of blood, Tjir, god of violence and Death
Relatives none
Theme song Zelda_Twilight_Princess_Track_-_1_Hyrule_Castle_Ganon
Cutie mark
devils sword / eclipse of demise
Owner User: Prince Rigel
" bring me my gift. Death to all "
-Lord Saiph


Lord Saiph was once a prince named Rigel who had been accursed by his deep anger and hate which had made him an evil demon ruler. Since Rigel could not stop slaying he was brought to the dungeon of equestria for answers however Rigel complained that this was not him... it was Saiph controlling his mind but the guards ignored his excuse. Day after day Rigel's strength grew larger and unstable.. Soon he would break out of his cell.. Rigel could not control his anger And broke free on that day

Guard: Stop your the most wanted in equestria!

Rigel: that's not true!

Guard: of course! another excuse about this lord Saiph thing!

Rigel: leave me be! I'm too dangerous I might slay you as well!

Guard: hah! slay me? Your just a small alicorn!

General Wester: he's free? Catch that scum you fool

Guard: yes sir!

Rigel: I must leave.. I'm not worth it. Saiph.. What ever your doing to me it's going to stop.

Saiph: more hate Rigel. use me! I am your only salvation!

That was years ago. And his hate grew more and more against Saiph


Before he became a demon lord Rigel was once a prince of equestria Luna's son. Without the curse he would be a fine prince but Rigel would rather kill ponies if they get in his way. This means that anypony annoys, bullies, brags, etc. Saiph is slowly corrupting his body one by one. He ran to his mother.

Rigel: mother!

Luna: yes dear?

Rigel: I'm cursed!I'm cursed! what do I do?

Luna: calm down Rigel well' find a cure.

Rigel: there is no cure it's real Saiph lives!

Luna: Rigel... Everything will be okay I had the same experience with Nightmare moon. As long as you control your self Lord Saiph can't touch you

Rigel: I'll try!

Luna: that's my stallion!

But that didn't work... it only got worse.

Rigel depressed

Young Rigel in his Bed room thinking of Saiph

Rigel colt and stallion

Colt Rigel at the top and stallion Rigel below


Rigel failed to over come his anger and hate by killing almost everypony in sight

Becoming Saiph[]

Rigel had transformed into Saiph when his failure he could not control making him unstable and demonic with no cure. he is unstoppable even with the elements of harmony! Saiph is immortal and won't be defeated. To this day ponies still study for strategies for defeating Saiph but there is still no answer to this madness. Rigel had lost his mind forgetting all his memory. Having erased memory was like Saiph being born through his soul.


Rigel is a gentle and kind prince pony but Saiph is taking over his body making him a fierce, angry, demon of some sort. The only feelings he has now is hatred against everypony and wishes they would all perish from the earth.