The Story of Love Dove

It all started with a cute little unicorn filly, named Love Dove, who was the most compassionate pony anypony had ever seen. As a young filly, she attached herself to those around her, seeking to please everypony. She would do anything to brighten a discouraged ponies day. As Love Dove grew up, she started to realize her uncanny ability to make anypony happy, regardless of how bad they felt. She immediately started out on a quest to make everypony in Equestria happy. She could sense a ponies feelings, and react accordingly. One fine day, when she was around 12 years old, she was skipping through the park and came across a crying young colt. She stopped, and immediately went to work, trying her best to comfort him. He explained how he had broken up with another young filly, and he was devastated. Love Dove replied with a hug that she filled with all her heart, telling him that it was OK, that she was there and understood. He gradually calmed, eventually becoming happy, as he had never been treated with such sympathy. He looked up at Love Dove and said "You just turned my frown upside-down, thank you." At that moment, Love Dove gained her Cutie Mark. A single white dove, with a pink heart in the middle. That is when she finally realized it: "This is my talent".

Presently [as of February of 2012], she is 19. She continues to help cheer up other ponies, not asking for anythkng in return. She has a job at the Books and Music store in Ponyville. She has no boyfriend, as she hasn't really given much time to herself to even see if any colts wanted her. She likes to pass time reading and skipping through town. She loves kids, and occasionally babysits for other ponies. She does not tolerate sadness, and will do everything she can to make it happiness.

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