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Filly Lovely ID
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Lovely Night

Lovely night
Lovely Night

Lovely Night Human ID
Lovely Night's human counterpart in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls

Power Ponies Lovely Night
Lovely's Power Pony counterpart, Night Mare.

Filly Lovely ID
Lovely as a filly.

Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Occupation Astronomer; part time football (soccer) player
Eyes Seafoam Green
Mane Gradient of pinkish- violet to white
Coat Gradient of black to a dark blue colour
Cutie mark
Lovely night's cutie mark
Owner User: Princess Fony Pony II


Lovely Night started out as an idea from Fony's head. Her real name is Laila, and in Arabic, Laila means lovely night.


Lovely Night is a black pesasus pony with a gradient of blue to her hooves and wings, she also has four stars on each of her legs and three on her wings. Her eyes are seafoam green and her mane and tail are. a pinkish-violet colour gradient to the tips

Background Story[]

Lovely Night was born on the 28th of March in Cloudsdale. Her mother is Golden Galaxy and her father is Red Star. She has an older brother named Star Gazer. She also has a dog named Cream. She first started astronomy when she was a filly. Her mother bought her an astronomy book and ever since then she was hooked. Other fillies made fun of her because she always read the astronomy books during recess while the other ponies played outside. Lovely is an astronomer for the Order of Luna. She also plays football for a hobby.

Personality []

Lovely is a shy pony around other ponies, but when she is with her friends, she feels comfortable and she's the opposite of shy. But when her friends try to get her to do something, she tries her hardest to restrain from it.


Lovely Night is friends with Blue Shuffle, Bronymon The Demon Slayer, Princess Luna (especially) and Fudge. Lovely is currently not in a relationship with anypony, but that might change.