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Here's my mane 6

-Princess Moonlight

-Blue Sky



-Princess Sunshine

-And Mikie

Moonlight,the older

Blue,the happiest

Paints,the crazy

Stephie,the shy

Sunshine,the married mom(she is moonlight's sister)

Mikie,the filly one


they are 6 ponies,1 earth pony,2 pegasus,1 unicorn and 2 alicorns

moonlight is the rebel of the gang,her younger sister,sunshine is the leader,mikie is only accepted why she can makes magic,blue sky is shy,stephie is the ponysona of my friend,paints is the crazier.

Gift les amies c est magique by ms paint base-d5v56v4

all the girls

Mlp base 68 literal self portrait base edit by sakyas bases-d6xxi80

Moonlight-Element of Bravery(Loyalty)

Mlp base 78 chin up little one by sakyas bases-d73u2c2

Sunshine-Element of Love(Magic)

Mlp base 61 one of these days im going to kill you by sakyas bases-d6flsul

Mikie-Element of Care(Generosity)

Mlp base 19 what we need are some maracas by sakyas bases-d6447mo

Stephie and Paints-Elements of Craziness and Help(Laugther and Honesty)

Mlp base 21 i m coming for you bieber by sakyas bases-d64kg2p

Blue Sky-Element of Awesomeness(Kindess)


after sunshine go to canterlot high she founds moonlight,and she says that she is her sister,after she comes to moonlight's club: The craziers and she got all her pony friends.