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It was a beautifully relaxing day in Equestria, the sun was shining gracefully in the sky and a gentle breeze blew through the trees providing cool relief for anything that wished to escape the heat. Ponyville, a small town in Equestria, was capitalizing on the warm weather by having a huge market out in the streets. There was a vast array of stalls selling all kinds of goods with an equally large amount of ponies visiting each one. However not all was well for a certain Pinkie Pie who was sat at a table outside sugarcube corner looking like she had a rain cloud over her head.

Pinkie thought to herself "Why does today have to be the day that all my friends are out of town? Rarity is in Canterlot with Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy and Spike went bird watching and Rainbow Dash is with her friends in cloudsdale. Then I'm just stuck here with nothing to do" She started to think aloud "wait, what If I never find anything to do again ever ever ever again? I'll be bored for life!!!"

Pinkie then realised there was a horde of ponies looking at her strangely so she sat back down and threw her head at the table in boredom.

A voice then called from the side of Pinkie


As Pinkie lifted herself off the table she turned to look at who greeted her, She gazed upon a young unicorn with an Arctic blue coat, long fuzzy blonde hair, big mauve coloured eyes and a slightly crooked horn. The unicorn cheerily said "Hi My name's Maxx. You sounded bored, so I thought I'd make you un-bored"