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Mach Blaze


Mach Blaze





Cutie Mark

Pegasus wing with trailing flames


He likes Speeding, warm weather, high-velocity obstacle courses, stargazing, "crunchy" snackfoods, spicy seasonings, and secretly enjoys classical music. He dislikes speed limits, cold weather, walking, anything requiring finesse, being kept indoors for more than an hour.

Brash and daring would be the two words to describe Mach "Afterburn" Blaze. A true speedster at heart, he dreams nothing more of going faster than nopony has ever gone before, having attempted (yet failed) to break many of the aerial speed records in Equestria. As a member of the Storm Hazard Division of the WPUE (Weather Pony Union of Equestria), his duties include spinning up the dooziest of tornadoes and gale-force winds when called for, and dismantling the same when a particular storm gets a bit too out of hand. He's not one to shirk from his duties, but Celestia forbid you're in his way when he's en route to a destination - if there's one thing he loves to do it's to go -fast-, and whizzing in between obstacles (both inanimate and pony alike) just adds to the fun. In his spare time he's usually streaking through the sky, enjoying the breezy wind that whips around him, or investigating this newfangled social hotspot known as "Ponyville." However if there's one thing he's bad at, it's making friends. At the most he's had a few acquaintances, but he's always usually kept to himself, forgoing social interactions in favor of sprawling out on a cloud and daydreaming the time away.


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