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Dr. Macon Mixx is the local druggist in Ponyville. He is a young, tawny unicorn stallion with a blue mane and tail and a mortar and pestle cutie mark. His special blends of ancient herbal medicine and modern unicorn magic can cure just about anything that ails you. He's bright, friendly, and always ready to help, but has never been graceful, physically or socially!


Macon Mixx was born and raised in Hoofington, so it was quite the adjustment for him when he left home to study in the School of Apothecary Arts at the Equestrian University in Canterlot. Dr. Mixx never got used to life in the capital, and so when he graduated, he decided to move to Ponyville to open his apothecary.

He arrived and set up shop in Ponyville shortly after the end of Season 1 of MLP:FiM. He is only a few years older than the mane cast of FiM, and he occationally used to cross paths with Twilight Sparkle in the library when they were both studying in Canterlot.

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The original sketch of Macon Mixx

The sign outside his shop in Ponyville reads "Dr. Macon Mixx, Apothecary: Potions, Plants, and Incantations for the Health of Everypony!"

His name is a play on the phrase "Mix and Make", a common instruction in pharmaceutical preparation.


Apples, Books, Helping ponies stay healthy


Tall buildings, Parasprites, the dark

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