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Magenta Crystal

Her regular form

Kind Pegasus
Sex Mare/Female
Occupation Professional Spy in an Unknown Organization
Partner of Blaze Amber
Eyes Vivid red
Mane Moderate magenta
Coat Pale, light grayish cornflower blue
Nicknames Magenta, Creepy Pony
Theme Synthesia_bad_apple
Cutie mark
Voice Astral
Owner Astral

Magenta Crystal is a professional spy pony from an unknown organization. Miles is also the deuteragonist of Astral's series, Justice. She is the fillyhood sweetheart of Break Ray.

Personality, Dislikes and Likes[]

Magenta is a strong-willed sporty pony, but she is very happy-go-lucky that other ponies are terrified plus her hostile atmosphere. Miles does not go very well with other ponies but she did say that she wants to be friend with the other ponies. Miles is also completely oblivious when Break is trying to show his feelings for her.


Magenta has a moderate magenta mane, vivid red eyes and pale, light grayish cornflower blue coat. Her cutiemark is hidden underneath her clothing. The clothing she is wearing is a uniform of the organization, giving off an appearance of spy.


''Don't worry, Blaze, I got this~" - Magenta talking to Blaze, her partner.

"Sweet Celestia! Another mission?~" - Magenta surprised for another mission.

"Ms. Sparkle Flower, I would not battle against us if I were you~" - Her form of saying, 'don't move'.

"What's wrong? Did I do anything wrong?" - Magenta asking why the pony she is speaking with, terrified.



  • Her theme song is made in Synthesia, and the song is Bad Apple (credits to the creator.)
  • Her alignment is neutral, meaning that she is either good or bad.
  • She is always cooing.
  • She is a vegetarian.
  • Her human name is Miles.