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Magic Dust
Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation TBA
Eyes Grayish aquamarine
Mane Moderate phthalo blue

Light mulberry

Coat Light amber
Nicknames Magic, Dust, Dusty
Relatives Twilight Sparkle (mother)

Flash Sentry (father)

Midnight Flash (twin sister)

Twinkle (twin sister)

Ruby Ring (cousin)

Cutie mark
Magic Dust CM

A dark turquoise and dark cyan mist with two cyan sparkles

Owner MysticArt89

NOTE: She's in my next gen with MysticArt89 on dA, no one is allowed to edit this page except for her and me.

Magic Dust is a unicorn that's the daughter of Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry. She was born in TBA and currently lives in TBA with her family. Her twin siblings are Twinkle and Midnight Flash.

Characteristics and Biography[]

Magic Dust also isn’t takin anyone’s rudeness and will shout at them wildly until they run away. She is a bit bossy and acts like a smarty pants sometimes. She is quite mellow when not disturbed, and loves hanging out with Sonja since she thinks she awesome in every way possible. She loves hanging out with her father, Flash Sentry. She can perform complicated magic and will pretend to be making potions. She is always the first to speak. She loves her friends and family dearly and hopes to become a guard for the castle. She is the oldest of three siblings.