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Happy Malarkey


Filly Malarkey
As a filly.

Kind Earth Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Wind-up device and music box maker
Eyes #FFD372 (Banana Cream)
Mane #8B0000 (Dark Red)
Coat #FFC29E (Very Light Tangelo)
Nicknames Mal
Cutie mark
A wind-up key
Voice Five Hours
Owner Five Hours

Malarkey is an Earth pony mare hailing from the shoreline city of Marecadia. She has an average height tan body, a bobbed crimson mane and tail, and a cutie mark of a two-toned wind-up key. She has a bubbly, easygoing attitude, but at times can be quick to judge and does not think before talking.


Malarkey's profession is to create intricate wind-up toys and music boxes. She sells them in her shop in Marecadia. 


Malarkey was born to two Unicorns in the industrial town of Manewell. When she was quite young, her parents were killed in a fiery accident at their jobs at the steel-working factory. When she learned of this, Mal immediately packed up a saddlebag with a hoof-full of bits and set off to see where she could find work or another home. She felt as if there were too many memories at her old home.

After skipping across small towns and cities for several years, she found herself in the most beautiful city she had ever laid her eyes upon- Fourshoof. Malarkey was enamored by the costal setting combined with the convenience of a city. One day as an older filly, out of curiosity, Mal was rummaging through some rubbish bins. She found some spare pieces of metal and, out of boredom, was hit with the idea to build a wind-up toy. After many weeks, she had build a fully functional wind-up pony. Upon winding it up for the first time, Malarkey earned her cutie mark: a wind-up key.

Making and selling wind-ups and music devices became her calling. Mal earned enough bits from her first sales to buy a small brick home. She set up a shop and a place to build devices there.

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Scarlet Steam is deathly afraid of fire, which began when she was very young. Both of her parents perished in a fire at a steel factory. 


  • Her first name was Scarlet Steam and she had longer, more vibrant hair. She was also a unicorn.
  • The name Malarkey was chosen because it has "key", like her Cutie Mark, and it reflects her excitable attitude.