Kind Earth
Sex Filly
Eyes Light brilliant cornflower blue
Mane Light brilliant violet
Coat Pale violet
Nicknames Mal, Mallory, Misfortune Mallory (Crystal Cloud)
Cutie mark
Yellow Star with Three pink hearts
Voice Tara Strong
Voice Actress Tara Strong

Voice Actress Tara Strong

Owner User:Astralfleur
Mallory is a die-hard fan of Spitfire and the pairing Spitfire and Soarin. 


She loves to bully, even though she is a filly. She bullys the most is Crystal Cloud, because they have the opposite idols, but not only that, Mallory just..hate Crystal Cloud's style.

She is also adored by many boys, but it's nerds. 



She loves her idol. Mallory always present gifts to her, and sometimes follows her and Spitfire visits their house, but if Spitfire needs privacy, Mallory lets her. 

Spitfire does something for her in return.

Crystal Cloud

Mallory always boast her idols and the pairing, while Crystal boasts herself too. The two ended up fighting and the result was, calling them into the office (in school). 

But Mallory and Crystal sometimes show friendship toward each other.


- Mallory means misfortune. 

- She was born without a tail. Or, she is tailess/tailless. 

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