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Manchu Long

Pandora Dragon Pony
"Manchu the dragon pony of the west"

A breeding foal
Manchu as a filly

Kind Dragon Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Dragon Pony of the West
Protector of Equestria's West Region
Eyes Moderate Purple
Mane Black
Coat Grey
Nicknames Manny
Cutie mark
Voice Olivia Olson
Owner PandoraStar411

Manchu Long (aka Manny Long) is the dragon pony of the west. This means she guards and protects Equestria's West Region. She is also a self proclaimed singer.


Manny is very, very, wild. (That explains the poofy hair) Wandering around Equestria's West Region made her a fearless daredevil. She is a lover of all things exotic and still travels the west region often. She also has a mischievous personality and is rarely intimidated.




  • She's based on Marceline from the cartoon show: Adventure Time: With Finn and Jake.
  • Manchu is Alasken for "Dragon".
  • Long is Chinese for "Dragon".
  • Credits for the pictures go to SilverRomance for the foal picture and Lunaflaire for Manny's present day picture.
  • Oliva Olson is the same voice actoress for Marceline from Adventure Time.