Bronies Wiki
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Light brilliant cerulean
Mane Strong scarlet
Coat Vivid amber
Nicknames Mari, Gold, Arie
Relatives Lee Glo (Coltfriend)
Marilee (Daughter)
Cutie mark
Three pointed yellow star with three pink hearts
Voice Kristen Bell
Owner User:Astralfleur

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 Marigold is a pegasus who resides in Ponyville. She currently lives in with her cousin. 


Marigold is sometimes shy, and sometimes hyper. She is also allergic to fur like Rarity's cat Opalescence's fur, resulting she sneeze.

She also love tea parties, the environment, and all the ponies, except for ones who is an enemy to her. 



Rarity is one of her best friends in Ponyville. She is the first pony whom she'd met her in the marketplace. They are close friends since they were a filly. 


Marigold sometimes irritates Applejack from bucking apples. She always asks her questions about her, bucking. Resulting Applejack mad. 


Because of Fluttershy's shyness, these two mares don't quite communicate well. But they sometimes chat each other about animals or the environment.

Pinkie Pie []

Marigold always is happy around Pinkie. Its because Pinkie is cheerful, and loves to throw parties. But when Pinkie is sad, Marigold always approaches her and cheer her. 

Lee Glo[]

Marigold falls in love with Lee Glo for the first time. Lee Glo doesn't return Marigold's feelings for him but the two end up each other. Marigold loves Lee Glo as much as the wide universe.

Lee Glo acts cowardly infront of Marigold, but that didn't change Marigold's love for him. Instead, she trains him to be brave and strong.


- She was named Marigold because of her coat. 


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