Bronies Wiki
Kind Pegasus
Sex Female
Eyes Pale cerise
Mane Strong red with Light brilliant gold
Coat Very light gamboge
Nicknames Mari, Lee, Cutie (Marigold and Lee Glo)
Relatives Marigold (Mother)
Lee Glo (Father)
Voice Livvy Stubenrauch Frozen_Carpet_Interview_with_Livvy_Stubenrauch
Owner User:Astralfleur

 Marilee is a future foal or daughter to Marigold and Lee Glo. Her name comes from her parents, "Mari"gold, "Lee" Glo. Her name was pronounced as. "MARI-LI"


Marilee is a kind pony. She also shares her traits with her parents. Marilee is sometimes a coward, but always brave and strong. 

If a pony promises to her, make sure to keep her promise, because Marilee doesn't want to break their promise to her, she will rage and start to become "destructive".

Marilee also hate to be wasteful, when somepony is wasteful, she complains. 



Marilee loves her mother very much. Marilee always follows her mother wherever she goes, but not when her mother needs privacy. Marilee always gets from Marigold from what she wants.

Marigold sometimes scolds her; resulting Marilee, learns how to rebel with her parents. But with the help of Lee Glo, he trains Marilee how to be "not" a rebel to parents.

Lee Glo[]

Lee trains Marilee how to be "not" a rebel to parents. Marilee and Lee also share traits, being a coward. Marigold facehoofed when Marilee showed that she is a coward, resulting Lee train her instead of the mother.


- Marilee's coat is mixed strong amber and white.