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All of the famous quotes and scripts from the episodes of My Little Pony: Marisa Adventures.

Season 1 Scenes[]

MareZilla (Episode 5)[]

Marisa: Chii, please tell me why I am fourty feet tall and have the actual chance to crush anypony that walks near me?

Chii: Oh God. I-I Can't believe you Marisa! You walked into my spell I was casting! Now I have to find out how to counter it!

Marisa: Chii, I didn't walk into your spell. I maturely trotted along your enviornment and strutted towards your trouble.

Chii: Grrr, Marisa, there is no time for jokes. We have to fix this right now!

Marisa: Well I hope there is a counter spell! I don't want to run into anypony and crush them. Only the ones I don't like! *Grin*.

Scary Saturday (Episode 11)[]

Marisa: Oh... My god. Something has went terribly wrong Dad! I know why our bodies have switched!

Dempsey: Marisa, you do realize that you are groundd right after this is over right!? I still cannot believe you did this!? Why would you have the wrecking nerve to do this!?

Marisa: Dad, I can explain.

Dempsey: I just do not want to hear it anymore. I treat you good and give you the best I can but this is just insulting!

Marisa: Dad I know but-!

Dempsey: I always have given you want you needed and wanted as well as-


Dempsey: *Eyes widen* W-What?

Marisa: Dad, how would you feel if you found out that your father came from a friekan time machine and had traveled almost 50 years into the future? I can't stand the stress anymore! I am depressed almost every day! Not even JT FireBlaze can help me with my problems. I am through.

Dempsey: Marisa... I understand how you feel. Lets go find a counter spell so we don't have to feel this way any longer.

Season 2 Scenes[]

As a Matter of Fact... (Episode 11)[]

Actual Roleplay done by AngelinBlack424 & Heavymetalbronie.

Chii: Wait they created the spell? Is that what you are saying?

Rosie: Well no they didn't create the spell. They merely suggest this idea of how magic works. Its been debated for centuries.

Chii: Ohhh.....

Marisa: *Reading a joke book* Okay Okay Okay! What did the lawyer say to the other lawyer!?

Chii: -_-


Flutter Friz: *Facehoof*

Rosie: please don't make me use the tape again...... please no more puns.

Marisa: NO! I HATE TAPE! *Blocks face with hooves*

Chii: lol. Marisa, just go with Flutter Fritz and tell her the jokes.

Marisa: OKAY! *Hops away*

Chii: Ugh, why did I befriend such an idiot...

Season 3[]

Computer Festival (Episode 8)[]

Marisa: Let me guess this straight. You came all the way from...?

Waffle: Fillydelphia.

Marisa: Yeah; to come here and test on James...

Waffle: You make it sound kind of cruel. I do not want to 'test' on him, I want to 'experiment' on him.

Marisa: Test; Experiment, same thing. Well, you came here and than you met Chii and instantly crushed on her?

Waffle: Yes! The mare is beautiful from mane to end!

Marisa: Uh, heh, well... I find it kind of hard picturing in my head a small computer nerd dating a tough brave mare who isn't afraid of a vicious manticore.

Waffle: You are lucky I do not find being called a 'Nerd' an insult. I will not even begin to tell you how beautifully amazing the mare is. The minute I saw her was a princess from a castle.

Marisa: OKAY! Stop making me picture in my head Chii in a dress!

Waffle: Okay Okay calm down! It is just that I cannot get over Chii! We were ment to be!

Marisa:... She can snap a log of wood in half..... You cannot snap a pencil.

Waffle: Hey! I can!... Depending on what pencil it is....

Hard to Believe: James' Victorious Defeat (Episode 11 & 12)[]

James: (Disguised as a different pony) Marisa, hold on a minute. I must speak to you.

Marisa: W-Who are you and how do you know my name? Are you LUDVIG MAXIS?! AH!

James: No! I am not-- Whatever you said! I am- Uh... Uh... Brutal Essins best friends cousins... nephew. Yep!

Marisa: You're... wait what? *Shakes head rapidly* But wait, no one ever calls Chii by her full name.

James: Well- I just did. My name is... *Looks at Twilight's house* Uh, I'm Tree... *Looks at Sugarcube corner* Sugarcube. YES! I am who is to be called Tree Sugarcube! Yes!

Marisa: 0_0

James: .... Anyway. Do you mind taking a sip of this for me? *Shows Marisa beaker of the magic water*.

Marisa: Huh, what's it for?

James: Uh, it is for... Taste testing of this new project I am working on for.... Um, for a... STAND! Yeah! Where people sell stuff! *Grin*.

Marisa: Um... Alrighty than. *Slowly drinks it* Hm- this taste sour. You might need to fix th-

James: *Stares at Marisa indefinitly with full concentration*

Marisa: Um... Are you okay?

A Haunting in Ponyville (Episode 14)[]

Marisa: Well, here we are, Dad.

Dempsey: So this is the big nasty mansion place you were going crazy about.

Richtofen: SO WUNDERBAR!

Marisa & Dempsey: *Stops and stares at Richtofen*

Richtofen: ...Sorry.

Marisa: No, but Dad, Mom's ghost spirit is here. You told me about how her spirit was condemned.

Dempsey: But we never even went to this big place before. What made her just want to come here.

Marisa: because this mansion place has a basement downstairs where the other time machine is. Now do you think about why this home is covered in cobwebs?

Dempsey: Well. I guess you're right.

Marisa: Now, come on! *Approaches door*

Dempsey: WHAT ARE YOU DOING!? You're not going in there alone!

Marisa: But if you go in... She'll hurt you.

Dempsey: What?

Marisa: Trust me Dad. I can do this.

Dempsey: *Sigh*... Okay.

Richtofen: Ahhh my Step-daughter is going in ALONE!

Dempsey: -_- Shut up Doc.

Marisa: *Slowly opens mansion door* H-Hello...?

(Complete silence and Wind)

Marisa: Um... Hello? Mom?

(Continuing to walk, Noises start to happen).

Mistress Bellaheart: *Whispers* Get out of my house.

Marisa: Mom?

Mistress Bellaheart: This is my house...

Marisa: Mom. I know that you're not you, but if you just listen to me, you'll start to understand.

Mistress Bellaheart: Get out of my house! *Appears in front of her with white glowing eyes, light pink coat, Black dress, and white mane and tail*

Marisa: *Screams*

Dempsey: *Panicing* Marisa! *Runs inside of the house* Marisa! Hold on!

Richtofen: 0_0 I'm all alone now... I Blame Samuel Stuhlinger.

Mistress Bellaheart: *Looks up and sees Dempsey* *Gasp* My dear.... *Pushes Marisa away with the ghostly wind* My dear...

Dempsey: Oh my g- Marisa! Go! Get out of here!

Marisa: Dad! She's going to possess and kill you!

Dempsey: I don't care! Go!

Marisa: *Sheds a tear* *Runs outside next to Richtofen, who is eating a granola bar*

Richtofen:... Vant one?

Marisa: Uhhh No.

Dempsey: You threaten my daughter, you threaten me! How dare you, Rosaline!

Mistress Bellaheart: Dearie, sit down. We have much to discuss. *Throws Dempsey onto a seat*

Dempsey: You can possess me, you can kill me, but you touch my daughter and you'll get the most painful sorry you've ever had to make.

Mistress Bellaheart: *Puts hoof on Dempsey's chest* You are a silly stallion. I'm already dead. *Voice turns demonic* I've been for 40 YEARS! *Dissapears*

Dempsey: *Hurryingly runs out of house* Guys! We need to go! NOW!

Richtofen: Vant a Granola Bar?

Dempsey: 0_0 NO!

Richtofen: Why not! Zis vun has caramel!

Dempsey: No! Come on!

  • Mistress' invisibly & suddenly grabs Dempsey's tail making him fall, Mistress Laughs*

Dempsey: AH!

Marisa: DAD!

Richtofen: GRANOLA!

Marisa: *Grabs onto Dempsey, Richtofen grabs onto Marisa* *Pulls*

  • All three charge away from the house* *Mistress is laughing hysterically*

Dempsey: *Looking at the home and the doors magically shutting itself* That...That WAS her. Than again, it wasn't.

Marisa: Dad, I'm starting to get scared of my mother.

Dempsey: No, don't say that. That wasn't her. Lets go.

Richtofen: And maybe we can have granola bars later?

Marisa & Dempsey: NO!

Richtofen: ... Sorry.