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"I would rather DIE than go to Marseille!"


Cloppety Hooves




"I promise!" (to BASHBIE)

I would rather DIE than go to Marseille!

           -Marseille Massalia as Cloppety Hooves

Marseille Massalia is Bashbie Bou's crush (but he didn't know at first). Like Bashbie, he adores Marseille, but when Mademoiselle Francoise tried to lure him in by telling him she would take him to Marseille for free if he became her slave, he had to think quickly. He yelled at Mademoiselle Francoise that he "would rather die than go to Marseille". This breaks Bashbie's heart and she flees to Our Town. Marseille, who has changed his name to Cloppety Hooves and his Olympique de Marseille cutie mark to a heart with wings, finds out that Bashbie had a massive crush on him and that he broke her heart, and he races to Our Town, horrified. He seeks out Bashbie and reveals to her that He had always had a crush on HER, too! He also reveals his true name (she had only ever known him as Cloppety Hooves) and revealed his cutie mark, and, most importantly, reassured her that he adored Marseille. Bashbie forgave him gladly. The two ponies married and stayed in Our Town. He is voiced by Andrew Francis.