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Kind Devil Pony
Sex Female
Occupation Member of Tirek's Army (Formally)
Guardian of Sweet Mint
Eyes Maroon
Mane Tan
Coat Red
Nicknames Mar (Nickname From Angel)
Relatives Devil (Brother)
Fiery Blood (Sister)

Martini is a Devil Pony and a former member of Tirek's army. She is currently one of the guardians of Sweet Mint.


Martini was a member of Tirek's army. She was born from magic while Tirek was in Tartarus so his evil could go across the land. Tirek gave her a mission, make Angel Ponies evil. Martini accepted and came across one, Angel. Despite her attempts, Martini was unable to corrupt Angel, who embraced Martini with love, changing Martini into a real pony, no longer a magic illusion. Martini became Angel's best friend and partner in guarding a filly, and is one of the only Devil Pony who is welcomed with Angels.


Martini is very sassy and smart. She can sometimes revert to a dark state, but easily will bounce back.



Martini is Angel's best friend. Angel cares deeply for Martini as she released her from the mental prison of Tirek.


Martini and Devil are both siblings, however Devil is still loyal to Tirek unlike his sister. Though he is disgusted in her choice of becoming good, he still loves his sister.


Martini is shown to have a lot of respect for Annabelle, as she allowed Martini in Heaven after her reformation.