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Maya Descant

Maya Descent pic
Maya Descant

Maya Descant EqG Style
Maya Descant's human counterpart

Kind Unicorn
Sex Female
Occupation Student
Eyes Luminous vivid sapphire blue
Mane Light brilliant red with light mulberry stripes
Coat Light gray
Nicknames May
Relatives Bolt Strike (father)
Carmen Descant (mother)
Comet Catcher (grandfather)
Lightning Powder (grandmother)
Lightning Strike (aunt)
Star Catcher (aunt)
Magic aura Light magenta
Cutie mark
Maya's cutie mark
Owner Pandora
Maya Descant is a female unicorn pony and the daughter of Carmen Descant and Bolt Strike.

Development and design

Maya Descant was inspired by an idea of User:PandoraStar411, who wanted Carmen Descant to have a daughter.


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Maya Descant is shown to be somewhat like her mother. She is nasty, cold, manipulative, and spoiled, doing whatever it takes to get what she wants. She also dislikes being adressed by her nickname "May", except by her parents.





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