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Med Brookhoof
Kind Unicorn
Sex Male
Occupation Doctor at Ponyville Hospital
Eyes Green
Mane Black
Coat White
Relatives Crimson Crown (Wife)

K.B. (Daughter)

Med Brookhoof in the father of K.B.



Med is a doctor at Ponyville Hospital, he was sure K.B. would be one too. But K.B. was destin to be a D.J. and she was sure of it. When K.B. was a filly she recived her record cutie mark, Med was so angry at the young foal he threw her out of the house. K.B. who was still in school was then taken in by a mare named Derpy Hooves. Derpy made K.B. apart of her family, her husband Dr. Whooves saw that K.B. was a bright young filly, and Dinky was thrilled to have a playmate. 

Crimson Crown[]

Crimson Crown is Med's wife. Before she died Med was a lot nicer but when she did died he became bitter.